Adjacent Property Zoning

Adjacent Property Permitted Use Comparison

Property owners that own property that now borders Chatham Park should be aware that the zoning adjacent to them has changed. Click on the map to the left to explore the property adjacent to yours to see these changes. This interactive map will display what is no longer allowed in this property as well as all of the new uses allowed based on the zoning of the Chatham Park Master Plan approved by the Pittsboro Town Board on December 8, 2014

You can also use the links below to download a PDF of the zoning information displayed in this map if you would like to print it.

Note: This interactive map only shows zoning changes for properties adjacent to Chatham Park property as a tool for adjacent property owners.

Chatham Park PDD Land Use Map

Chatham Park Table of Permitted Uses

Click on the corresponding file linked below to download and print a PDF file of the adjacent zoning for your property. Use the interactive map, above, or download the Land Use Map linked above to first see what area is adjacent to your property.

 C-2 CU to CP 7-1

R-A2 to CP 7-1

MUPD to CP 5-3

R-10 to CP 5-1

R-A to CP 5-1

R-A2 to CP 2-1

R-A2 to CP 2-2

R-A2 to CP 3-1

R-A2 to CP 3-4

R-A2 to CP 4-1

R-A to CP 4-1

R-A2 to CP 4-3

R-A to CP 4-3

R-A2 to CP 4-4

R-A to CP 4-4

R-A2 to CP 6-2

R-A5 to CP 1-1

R-A5 to CP 2-3

R-A5 to CP 3-5

R-A5 to CP 3-6

R-A5 to CP 3-7

R-A to CP 4-2