Chatham Park: A Big Development Proposed for a Small Town

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  1. Joe Ingle says:

    This is similar to a development my rural community in Nashville, Tn fought several years ago. The proposal for the May Town Center was along the same lines. After intensive city wide organizing, lobbying, teach ins, advertising, we were able to defeat the rezoning proposal before the Planning Commission. We won by one vote. It was a very close call. We continue to develop organic farming and our rural way of life. We are also working t0 purchase the 1,700 acres from the developer. The Ingle family farm, established by my namesake, is located in Silk Hope N.C. so I certainly wish all of you success in defeating this assault on your way of life. I am sorry my good friend Bill Dow is not still alive because he was a great organizer as well as a great organic farmer. Shalom, Joe Ingle

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