Chatham Park’s Potential Impacts on Lake Jordan

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  1. Liz Cullington says:

    I believe the reason(s) that Chatham Park Investors (CPI) plan shows a lower water demand at build-out than it would be based on, say, comparable Cary (only far more dense and high rise), at 4.4 mgd rather than 10 mgd is for two reasons:
    a) their stated plan to re-use some part of the treated waste water in commercial buildings, something currently not permitted in residential). But those would be built later than residential
    b) virtually nothing to irrigate since the detached homes would have almost no yards and “open’ space would be partially paved area, and median strips and other bits too small and impractical to irrigate.

    While new construction tends to be more water efficient than existing/older construction, it’s also quite possible that water demand is underestimated, but we won’t know unless this goes forward.

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